9 Tips to Make Your Ganesha Green

July 20, 2015, In: Festivals

Bring more life and alluring cheerfulness this Ganeshotsav by celebrating it the eco-friendly way! Extend a special protective hand to your environment while you enjoy and go green on this Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are 9 simple tips that will make your Ganeshotsav Green while making it more enjoyable too:

1. Eco-Friendly Idol: Rather than bringing home the same plaster of Paris idol as always this festive season go for a green Eco-friendly idol which is made from material that will not harm your environment. You can switch from the polluting material based idols to a Shadu idol or a paper mache idol or other disposable material which will not pollute the environment. Or another thing you can do is bring home a metal idol which you won’t immerse in water.

2. Go Green with Paint: Here we don’t mean to paint your Ganesha “green” but make it green by using eco-friendly paints that do not pollute and cause harm to the aquatic life. You can also use natural colors that can be made in homes or else buy over-the-counter non-toxic paints to paint your Ganesha idol.

3. Size Matters:  You can minimize the damage to the environment by bringing small Ganesha idols as they will cause less harm to nature.

4. Nature-Friendly Embellishments:  Rather than using thermocol or metallic decorative for your Ganesha go green this season and use floral jewelry that will not only create less pollution but also make it look more beautiful. Imagine adorning your Ganesh idol with a rose and lily crown and floral jewelry, won’t it look lovely? Of course it will!

5. NO Loudspeakers!: Say no to loud music whatever may be the cause. Celebrating Ganeshotsav means making friendly relations with each other and not causing problems to the neighbors with loud music. You can listen to music and have other competitions held with low volume on speakers.

6. Simple Decorations: Decorate your Ganesha and its installation surroundings by lighting it up with diyas and electric lights rather than using fire crackers again and again.

7. Green Immersions:  Take an oath of making this Ganeshotsav eco-friendly and rather than immersing the idol in ponds, lakes and seas, immerse them in man-made (also called Artificial Ponds) community ponds. This will make a huge difference, and your mission in saving the nature while celebrating Ganeshotsav will be accomplished.

8. Waste Disposal: It is not important to immerse the flowers, garlands and other Ganesha decorative in water. The best thing you can do is before immersing the idol remove all the floral jewelry, wrap in a paper bag and dispose of it in the nirmalya or waste bins that are already installed by the municipality.

9. Community Celebrations: What else could be better than celebrating Ganeshotsav with your whole locality? This can be a very nice idea to talk to the head of your locality and instead of installing separate Ganesh idols in every home you can bring one Ganesh idol for the whole locality and celebrate it together. This will not only save your environment in many ways but also increase the joy and happiness of the celebration.

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    • July 23, 2015

    The immersion ceremony, which is known as the ‘visarjan’, marks the end of the festivities.

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