Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the last day of Diwali and falls on the second day after ‘Shukla Paksha Dwitiya’ in the Hindu month of ‘Karthik’. The meaning of Dwitiya means ‘Duj’ or the second day after the new moon. It signifies the strong bonds and affection between brothers and sisters.

It is also popularly known as Bhai Tij, Bhai Phota Or Bhaiya Phota, Bhau-Beej, Bhathru  Dwithiya or Yama Dwiteeya

According to the legend, “Surya-The Sun God” and his beautiful wife Samjna (also pronounced as Sangya) were blessed with twins. They named the twins as “Yama” and “Varni” or” Yamuna”. However, after sometime Samjana, being unable to bear the brilliance and glory of her husband, decided to return to Earth. She left her shadow  (Chaya) behind to accompany her husband.

Chaya turned out to be a very cruel step mother and mistreated the twins. On giving birth to her own children, she persuaded Surya to drive out Samjna’s twins from heaven.  On coming to Earth, Varni became the River Yamuna and Yama went to the netherworld to become the Lord of Death and Custodian of Hell.

After a few years Yama decided to meet his sister, who in turn was delighted on receiving this news. She prepared a grand feast in his honour. She put the auspicious tilak on his forehead, garlanded him and prayed for his bell-being. They spent the day together in each other’s company and enjoyed to their heart’s content. When Yama was returning, he presented his loving sister with a gift as a token of his love. That day Yamraj announced that anyone who receives tilak from his sister will never be hurled into hell.  This is why this day of Bhau-beej(Bhai Duj) is also known by the name of Darpan isagaya.

According to another myth, on this day, Lord Krishna after assassinating the Narakasura demon, goes to his sister Subhadra. She welcomes her brother Lord Krishna with lamps, flowers and sweets, and puts tilak on his forehead.

A third legend elaborates that on this day Mahavir, the founder of Jainism attained nirvana. On hearing this, his brother – King Nandivardhan was heartbroken and found solace in his sister, Sudarshana. Since then, sisters have been respected and cherished on this day.

Date : Saturday, 25th October 2014

Day :  Bhai Dooj

Day Choghadiya

Night Choghadiya

06:32 – 07:55    Kaal (Kaal Vela) 17:38 – 19:15        Labh (Kaal Ratri)
07:55 – 09:18    Shubh 19:15 – 20:52        Udveg
09:18 – 10:42    Rog 20:52 – 22:28        Shubh
10:42 – 12:05    Udveg 22:28 – 24:05+      Amrit
12:05 – 13:28    Chal 24:05+ – 25:42+    Chal
13:28 – 14:52    Labh (Vaar Vela) 25:42+ – 27:19+    Rog
14:52 – 16:15    Amrit 27:19+ – 28:56+    Kaal
16:15 – 17:38    Kaal (Kaal Vela) 28:56+ – 30:33+    Labh (Kaal Ratri)