Corporate lessons from Sunderkand

February 24, 2015, In: Mythological

Sunderkand is the totem for safety and prosperity. It is chanted in praise of Lord Hanuman during auspicious Hindu occasions. This is a very popular cantos composed in a praising form by Goswami Tulsidas MaharajJi. It is part of Ram Charita Manas and usually revised to instil confidence and ethics to way of life. While the verses are full of adjectives related to importance of truthfulness, courage, fearlessness, devotion to the Supreme Being and Goodness, Sunderkand has made its foray into corporate sphere as well.

The lessons to be learnt from the stanzas of Sunderkand applicable in professional life are as follows.

Revise your latent talent and Skills before Big Challenges

Hanuman had the latent power to take any form and cover the mighty distances with ease. There was no one who could have fathomed the mighty ocean and go in search of Mata Sita other than Hanuman himself. When Jamvant, the Wise unlocked Hanuman’s latent power, he changed the course of activities for ever. Always keep a track of your skills and talent so that in a bid to learn new things, you don’t lose out on those you already know.

Art of learning, relearning and unlearning is a major corporate lesson from Sundarkand.

Have a Mentor

Even the most talented beings require a talent hunter and a mentor. Jamvant acted as both when he made Hanuman realize his true potential. He taught him to take different forms while encountering troubles.

Stay Independent and Polite

Corporate ethics acknowledge polite acts and respect towards authority. When Mount Mainak extended to help Hanuman and offered shelter, he politely declined. There are two lessons here.

– Stay independent when you are on an important mission.

– If you are refusing the offer from a person of authority like your mentor or your boss, do it with politeness. If you have an excuse, let it be a purely professional one. You will earn respect and commendable appreciation for your dedication. Being a role model in front of your boss is the greatest feat, after completion of the task, of course!

Have an eye for smallest of details

When Hanuman reached Lanka, he reconnoitred the entire city before searching for Mata Sita. Finding a friend in an alien place or a new work environment always helps. When you are on an assignment, always seek signs of familiarity. As you grow confident, you can make friends like Hanuman who had an ally named Vibhishana.

Gel with the Company, Don’t let them Define your Action

Sundarkand teaches that loyalty is good but supporting bad cause only brings doom. While Vibhishana was born and raised among demons, he always incited goodness and life of ethics. In corporate life, you may have to stay with the demons, but don’t take a path of evil or lies.

Solve Problem Logically

When Hanuman reached Asoka Vatika, he saw hundreds of women being enslaved by Ravana. When he couldn’t make out the identity of Mata Sita, he observed from a tree and sang praise songs for Lord Rama. Sita instantly identified the source and asked Hanuman to reveal himself.

From managing your food to taking rests, have fun while you work. Sundarkand encourages sporting behaviour in corporate life.

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