Different Vahanas of Lord Ganesha

September 26, 2015, In: Festivals

In Hindu mythology, the interesting point to be noted is that every god and goddess have their own vehicle, be it elephant, lion, peacock or even a mouse. Likewise, it is widely known that Lord Ganesha’s means of transport is the mushak or mouse.

Lord Ganesh, the divine god of wellness, knowledge, prosperity and unity; as we might have heard the lyrics of a well-known song “yu toh mushak savari teri “, meaning the rider of mouse. The mouse or “mushak raj “is considered to be the primary vehicle of lord Ganesh.

There are 108 names by which Lord Ganesha is known. He is also said to have taken eight avatars or incarnations. These incarnations are mentioned in the religious scriptures of Mudgala Purana. In some of these incarnations, lord Ganesha drove a different vahana instead of the “mushak raj”.

Lord Ganesh in his first avatar of Vakarkunda, symbolizing the destroyer of jealousy drove the mighty Lion.

As Ekdanta as the name suggests Lord Ganesha with his single tusk drove the vahana of mouse.

One his incarnations that suppressed the demons of desire, Kamasura was Vikanta. A majestic peacock serves as the vahana in this incarnation.

Vighnaraja – this is lord Ganesh’s most popular incarnation. Lord Ganesha killed the demon of attachment, Mamtasur. Here Lord Ganesha’s conveyance was a sheshnag.

Hence it is interesting to know that lord Ganesha drove 4 modes of conveyance. Very few religious scriptures acknowledge these vahanaa. Hence little is known about them.

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