Diwali Scoops

October 22, 2014, In: Festivals, Traditions

Scoop 1 : The passersby are terrified to even look at it while the one bursting it is brave enough to try it..!!

Scoop 2 : Indian Belief says that “The more you light your house the more you gain wealth”

Scoop 3 : You light the cracker and wait for it to burst but it doesn’t, leaving you embarrassed while your friends burst out laughing and remark “Paise nahi diye the lagta hai”.

Scoop 4 : Diwali crackers makes noise not only while bursting them but also while purchasing them.

Scoop 5 : During Diwali, the night sky seems to be like sand particles which shines in the reflection of   sunlight.

Scoop 6 : Children and adults simply love to draw illusions using sparklers during the festive season of Diwali.

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