Eco Friendly Ganesha – Celebrate the True Essence of Ganesh Chaturthi

August 7, 2015, In: Festivals

Deva Shri Ganesha, Deva Shri Ganesha…

Little Maurya couldn’t resist dancing to the tune of this lovely song in praise of Lord Ganesha. It was soon going to be the onset of Ganesha Chaturthi and he was up to see beautiful Ganesha idol to be brought at his abode. A while later, his eyes fell on his father’s curious face who was surfing through pictures and information on Eco friendly Ganesha idols. Rushing towards him, he asked, “Papa, what are you looking at?

We are bringing idol of Eco-friendly Ganesha at home this year. And I am trying to find the best one for us” replied his father.

Eco-friendly Ganesha! Wow! My teacher told us today that it is environment friendly. Can you tell me how?” The question in Maurya’s head popped out which soon got a response from his father – “Beta, Eco friendly Ganesha idols are made from organic materials like clay found at the beds of river and paper mache. Even the colours used to decorate the idols come from natural forms. So when at the end of the festival, when the idols of god are immersed in the water, all of it dissolves easily without polluting the water

Hmmm… but how does it help environment? What is wrong with our old Ganesha idols?” the second question immediately followed.

But his father was up to give as much information as possible, so he went on, “That’s a good question Maurya. You see, traditionally, the idols are made from POP, that is, Plaster of Paris – which is not really that soluble in water. Secondly the materials and colours used for decorating these idols are another horrible and most of them glittery stuff. All these when goes into water, because of the chemicals used in them, they make water polluted and not liveable for the marine animals like fish. Many marine animals also die because of this. Not just that, when these idols don’t dissolve in water, they are washed away by the sea and left on the shore as a waste. So you see, eco-friendly Ganesha murti are not only safe for environment but they also help us reduce waste

Little Maurya’s inquisitiveness was put to rest, he was simply so overjoyed with all that his father had just told him that he went on telling all his friends at school.

A lot of us who bring home the holy Ganesha to seek his blessings every year, do we not forget about this aspect of our life, our city? And if not, let’s us, this year vow to have a Ganesh Chaturthi which does not pollute our environment; which is clean and beautiful, which is truly blissful, let’s bring home, eco-friendly Ganesha this year!

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