Ganpati –the Lover of Modak

January 12, 2015, In: Mythological, Traditions

Every Hindu devotee loves Ganesha for his loving poise and seeks blessings in the form of prosperity and sound health. We have always seen the pictures and idols of Ganesha sitting in a throne and accompanied by the modest vehicle, Mushak or the Mice. Mushak is a small creature who can sustain the heavy weight of Ganesha. This is an important lesson in life that shows that even people with small stature can do heavy hauling and still be close to God. Equally important is the role of a sweet delicacy that is associated with Lord Ganesha. The Modaks are considered to be the favourite sweets relished by Lord Ganesha. It is written in scriptures that making Modaks on auspicious occasions is an invitation to Lord Ganesha and his followers. Making Modaks and placing it near the throne of Ganesha ensures relief from bad luck and welcomes wealth and prosperity into life.

No matter what you offer to Ganesha, the platter is incomplete unless Modak are served for him. There are numerous devotional songs associated with the glory of Ganesha linking stories of his love for food and Modaks. On festivals, every good action begins by taking the name of Ganesha. Serving Modaks to Ganesha is an ideal way to launch a new journey or inaugurate a new thing in life.

The Legend of Padma Purana mentions the Modak as being made of nectar of Immortality. The devtas offered the nectar to Parvati, Goddess-wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Ganesha. After persistent insisting from Ganesha, Parvati made Modak using the nectar. Since that day, Modak has been tagged as the auspicious accessory to call Ganesha. It is said that Ganesha chose to eat Modak because of his small mouth and the tusk. It reflects the intelligence and wisdom of Ganesha.

Lord Parshuram had snapped at Ganesha and broke his tusk. Though the tusks are no way helpful in chewing action, Ganesha laughing asked Parshuram, ‘What will I eat in my food now?” Parshuram understood his mistake and blessed Lord Ganesha for his temperament and tolerance. He crafted Modaks and offered it to him. Ganesha liked it and forgave Parshuram. Since then, Modaks are offered to Lord Ganpati to wash away sins.

Another story links the origin of Modak with Universe. Lord Ganesha wanted to roam around the whole World but his vehicle, the Mushak was tired. Lord Ganesha got angry. In order to appease his master, Mushak stole some Modaks and offered it to him. This made Ganesha very happy and he said that eating Modak is just as relishing as roaming the Universe. Modaks transformed the relationship of Mushak with Ganesha from master-vehicle to friendship. When devotees offer Modaks, it is a sign that they want Ganesha to be their eternal friend.

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