Guru Purnima – Tales of 7 Gurus to Inspire You

May 12, 2016, In: Festivals

Guru Purnima or Guru Pournima; a day to remember every teacher that inspired you, made you a better person, imparted knowledge in you, taught you moral values, etc. we help you seek holy divinity and learn form the Saints, Sages & Gurus from our philanthropically legendary mythology itself.

The slideshow explains the tales of seven renowned, highly knowledgeable and spiritual Gurus & Sages with their disciples seeking life lessons from them as we portray this in a moral for you to understand and implement in your life.

As this slider connects the teacher and the student, the guru and the disciple; the above mentioned 7 stories enlighten one and all to love, respect and learn from the Indian Mythology of the bond between a Guru & a Shishya.

1. Sage Ved Vyasa teaches that the Guru or the Teacher always guides their students or disciples to the path to mankind

2. Guru Parshuram teaches that one should never lie to their Guru or Teacher under any circumstances as they’re the one who teach us all our skills & embrace intellect amid us

3. Guru Dronacharya teaches that the Guru always remains a man of his word and even, a Guru may show certain favoritism

4. Sage Vashistha Rishi teaches that the Guru helps one seek their spiritual self and is always with their disciples helping them find the correct path

5. Sage Vishwamitra teaches that the teacher preaches the knowledge and skills to fight the evil & wrong in their disciples

6. Guru Bharadwaja teaches that the teacher seeks their students to the divine self and that the Guru holds the place of God in a disciples life

7. Sage Dhoumya implants that loyalty, obedience and pride assists the student learn and evolve as a human being and a teacher always loves his/her students

Once, Swami Vivekanand said,

Get up, Work Hard and Do Not Stop until you achieve “Your Target”.

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