Importance of Griha Pravesh Puja

February 23, 2015, In: Puja

New house brimming with religious ecstasy of Griha Pravesh puja is an inspiring thought. Griha pravesh puja is the most important aspect of Grihasth phase of a Hindu’s life. It is a home-warming ceremony performed on a specific day of the Hindu calendar. The time, date, and the month of Griha pravesh puja are decided on the basis of Sun’s position. The muhurat coincides with the occasion of Sun’s movement towards the North into Capricorn. This is called Uttarayana whereon the sunrays falls in eastern and northern direction.

Types of Griha Pravesh Rituals in Hindu Household

There are different aspects of building or renovating a house that require the intervention of Gods through Griha pravesh puja.

There are 3 types of Griha Pravesh rituals. Apoorva is done for newly constructed house. Sapoorva is done for a house you have bought from someone else. Dwandwah Griha pravesh is strictly performed for renovated houses that were rebuilt from damage caused by natural calamities. Even haunted places require griha pravesh puja to purify the living space.

Importance of Griha Pravesh 

As per astrology, a newly bought house attracts evil forces and jealousy. It is the first asset that enemies will try to destroy. Griha pravesh puja is a precautionary measure to fortify the safety of your family and the property placed inside the house. It is basically conciliation with the gods to keep a safe watch on the fortune. Vastu and griha shanti ensure freedom from ghosts and spirits.

The Griha Pravesh puja involves avowing Lord Ganesha’s supremacy. Navgraha puja and worshiping Vaastu Purush are significant rituals performed during the Griha Pravesh puja. Items used in the rituals like sandalwood sticks and powder, incense sticks, camphor or kapoor, jaggery, ghee, sugarcane sticks, rice grains, dhoop and vermillion are symbols of purity and weapons against fighting evil forces. Ten pounds of rice decorated with turmeric, vermillion, ghee and coconut water is the first item placed inside the house to ensure eternal prosperity. These set of items are collectively called as Akshata of Griha Pravesh puja.

Things to to during Griha Pravesh Puja

Ganesha idol is placed at the entrance of the house. A picture of Shri Satynarayan and Devi Laxmi are placed in the kitchen. Cow idol made of gold or silver is placed near the kitchen window. Vermillion is applied to all the idols and pictures. Chanting all the names of Ganesha is followed by worshipping of the nine planets with camphor and incense sticks.

An earthen pot or a brass pot decorated with red vermillion and Swastika design is placed in the living area. It is called kalash. It is placed over a rim of rice and filled with water, milk and coconut water. Corn seeds, betel and (dhurva) grass are placed around the kalash. Five silver coins featuring Devi Laxmi are placed over the mango leaves joined in the form of lotus. Coconut with red chunri is placed over the pot and mantras are chanted. It involves the incitement of gods through Vardhini Kalash puja with swastika design. Shubhlabh is written on the walls after washing the entrance of the house with the Pancha-amrit. After breaking a coconut at the entrance, havan is performed to invite gods and his messengers inside.

Strict Advice

Vishnu namastrotam is read and it is recommended to sleep inside the house on the night of Griha Pravesh puja. Don’t perform the puja if you are expecting a child or if a family member is recently expired.

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