Lalbaugcha Raja (लालबागचा राजा) – Most Famous Sarvajanik Ganpati

September 24, 2015, In: Festivals

Lalbaugcha Raja

Lalbaugcha Raja is the extremely famous Sarvajanik Ganapati, housed at Lalbaug. The idol of Ganesha is held in reserve for public display for about eleven days and is subsequently submerged on the providential day of Anant Chaturashi. The idol of lord Ganesha is also popularly known as ‘Navsa cha ganpati’ which literally means the one who realizes every wish. This belief brings millions of people to visit the Ganesh pandal on each of the ten days during the auspicious festival of Ganesh Utsav. The Ganesh idol was initially carved by the Kambli family in the year 1935 in their workshop which is positioned in the lane off the main road in Lalbaug. Kambli arts contributes to the important parts of the idol which is then taken to the Pandal for painting and completion of the idol. The pandal has a height of 20 ft which was finalized by Ratnakar about 73 years ago.

People come in abundance for the blessings of Lalbaugcha Raja where two queues are managed named Navsa chi Line and MukhDarshana chi Line. The former one is meant for the people who wish to get their desires accomplished where they get an opportunity to touch the feet of Lalbaugcha Raja; people in large number accumulate to progress with the darshan. MukhDarshan is the second line joined by the people who incline to get a sight of Lalbaugcha Raja Idol from a small distance avoiding the stage stampeding. This is the 81st year of Lalbaughcha Raja Ganpati and millions of people arrive at the pandal to take a darshan of the 12 ft high statue.

Lalbaugcha Raja – Most Famous Sarvajanik Ganpati Mandal

It is well known that the Mandal, earlier recognized as Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, Lalbaug was originated in the year 1934 at popular Lalbaug Market. Mumbaikars ensure a compulsory visit at the Lalbaughcha Raja Pandal and are completely aware about the history revolving around it. Ganesh Chaturthi is a prevalent Hindu festival, celebrated every year to celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The Ganesha Pandal remains crowded for all the eleven days as it is one of the most famous Ganesha Idols in the country. This festival commences on the very fourth day of waxing moon phase of Hindu calendar month and terminates on the fourteenth day of the particular moon period in the same month. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm, zeal and vigour in all parts of India, especially in Maharashtra.

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