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July 3, 2015, In: Mythological

‘How can I live in this wretched worldly life anymore? How can I breathe another breath without my beloved Sati?’

Lord Shiva whispers these words to himself in angst when Devi Sati took a plunge into fire sacrificing herself, after her father King Daksha publicly disgraced him. Dejected, he leaves Mount Kailash, abandoning his worldly duties and assumes a state of deep meditation.

Just about the same time, at another place, a demon king, Tarakasur was offering penance, devoting his prayers to Lord Brahma. Pleased, Lord Brahma appears in front of Taraksur asking him to demand his two boons.

Bowing his head, Tarakasur pleads “Hail to Lord Brahma, I pray to you with all my heart and soul. My first wish is to become the most powerful person in the world.”

“Granted”. Lord Brahma nods raising his hand in varada mudra, offering his blessings.

Pleased with his success so far, Taraksur smartly places his next wish. “My second wish is that my death can only be through the hands of Lord Shiva’s son.”

“Granted”.  Lord Brahma hesitantly agrees to the second request.

Knowing that Lord Shiva may never marry again after Sati’s death, Tarakasur smirks arrogantly and lauds his success in tricking Lord Brahma. As he engages in a destructive riot, Tarakasur gains foothold with his mindless rampage, creating havoc on earth and heaven. His power grows with his immunity.

Sensing the trouble brew beyond control, Lord Brahma reaches Parvati who also wanted to marry Shiva. He encourages her to woo Lord Shiva, as only his child can defeat Tarakasur.

In the skies above, Lord Indra is left fazed and worried in his heavenly abode, unable to assure his own and Devgana’s safety anymore. He immediately summons Kamdev at his court to work up a plan.

Curious to unearth the reason of such abrupt call, Son of Sri, Kamdev decides to visit Indralok. All eyes turned to the court entrance as a handsome, young man with a glowing emerald green skin enters the Devsabha. His hands firmly hold a bow made of sugarcane and a string of honey bees. A quiver of bows on his back is armed with exotically fragrant five arrows made from flowers of Ashoka tree, Blue and white Lotus, Jasmine and Mango tree flowers. His mere sight and a glimpse of his aura is enough to invoke desire in the most pious souls.

“Invoke Lord Shiva from his meditation immediately and lure him to Parvati for consummating their union” commanded Lord Indra.

Driven by the mission, Kamdev with his wife Rati reaches the barren mountains where Shiva sat amidst harsh cold breeze in the trance meditative state. Picking the white lotus arrow from his quiver, he shoots an arrow, which hits Lord Shiva, breaking his concentration.
Enraged Shiva opens his third eye, burning Kamdev with his wrath in an instant. Rati watched the entire scene converge in front of her eyes and started crying inconsolably as Brahma and Indra rushed to the venue. Once Shiva regains his composure, he realises that Kamdev was only playing his part in what was needed.

He instantaneously revives Kamdev in a spirit form. The entire aura around the cosmos gets filled with the sentiments of love and adoration, which makes even Lord Shiva smitten with Parvati’s beauty and join her in union.

Their first son Kartikey born out of this loving unison slays Taraksur, bringing an end to his evil reign.

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