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July 22, 2015, In: Festivals

Paper Mache Ganesh Idols or Paper Mache Ganpati Murtis are an eco-friendly idols available in the market along with the Shadu Clay’s Eco Friendly Ganesha Idols that need to be adopted now. These Paper Mache Idols are made up of wasted papers using organic colors and dissolve quickly in the water too. Paper Pulp, Tree Gum and White Ink is what is used to compose these idols and since they’re light in weight, it’s ideally suited for both, homes and pandals.

Every progressive year, the festivals of India are celebrated with much pomp and show. Competitions are held to see which Pandal is the biggest or which idol is the grandest in a colony. Thousands of rockets are set free in the air to witness the glittering display of lights and uncountable kilograms of colors are brought, to prepare a home for the frenzied mood of festivity. These grand ways of glorifying festivals, have received some amount of setback in the recent years due to their environment harming properties.

At such a time, the debut of eco friendly idols have struck a chord with the masses and more and more people are adopting it with each festival, every year. One of the many such festivals is the celebration of everyone’s favorite, Lord Ganesha’s, Ganesh Chaturthi.

Eco friendly Ganesh idols can be of many types, ranging from clay ones to carvings of vegetables. But the easiest type is the Paper Mache, with all the materials easily available, in sufficient amounts, right inside your house. An excerpt from the blog, by Canada based food blogger, Poonam, guides you through the process of making one.

How to Make Paper Mache Ganesh Idols:

Paper, glue, cello tape, cardboard, ½ cup of water, Paint brush, paint and markers.

1.    Make small sized balls out of the papers. Use cello tape to firmly bind these paper balls together and cover it with another layer of paper to make a big ball, depicting the stomach.
2.    Make a smaller ball, placing it onto the paper ball of the stomach, sticking it with cello tape. This makes the head of the body.
3.    Next, roll papers and tape them together in the shape of a trunk. Attach the trunk to the head of the body and follow the same process for arms and legs.
4.    To make the ears, cut a cardboard outline and attach it to the head by tape.
5.    Next, take half a cup of water into a bowl and mix it with white glue properly.Use a paint brush to spread the glue evenly in the solution.
6.    Stick small sheets of tissue paper with the diluted glue on the statue. Cover the statue with 5- 6 such layers of tissue paper so that it’s completely covered.
7.    Leave it to dry for a day.
8.    Once the statue is completely dry, color the statue with any acrylic color of choice. It should be kept untouched for the next 4 to 5 hours for the color to dry.
9.    The features can be outlined and colored with marker.
10.    It can be decorated further with some kundan, pearls and stones.

Making a paper mache Ganesh idol is so easy, that even the young ones can lend a helping hand and exhibit their creativity. The activity of making an idol can be more intimate, if the entire family takes part in it, leading to a much special celebration.

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