Parshuram Jayanti

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Parshuram Jayanti – Birth Anniversary of Lord Parshuram

Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Parshuram. The name, Lord Parshuram, itself instils devotion in the mind of his disciples and fear amongst evil. Lord Parshuram is known as an epitome of valour and unwavered devotion to his parents. He is the sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu himself and became popular as an immortal warrior sage during the early dwapar yug. He is a son of Renuka and one of the saptrishi sage Jamadagni and a grandson of Rishi named Rucheeka who was a son of Sage Bhrigu. Hence he is known as a ‘mool-purush’ meaning founder of communities like Brahmin, Chitpavan, Daivadnya, Mohyal, Tyagi and Nambudiri Brahmin. Parshuram belonged to bhargav gotra and is a kul-guru of Bharadwaj gotra.

As per a legend, Sage Rucheeka was traveling through countryside seeking to marry soon. The ruling chandra-vashi King Ghadi entertained Sage when he visited king’s court. He was smitten with the beauty of king’s daughter Satyavati and asked her hand in marriage. Although Satyavati adjusted to the abstemious life she was not able to bear any children. Back home, even her father longed for an heir to the throne. Knowing this, Sage Bhrigu gave two different potions to Satyavati, one for her to bear a child who will go on becoming a great sage and another one for her mother who will have a mighty Kshatriya son. However Satyavati’s mother did not trust her and switched the potion.  In due time when they both became pregnant; Sage saw that Satyavati bore a Kshatriya aura around her. She begged Bhrigu to let her grandson be a Kshatriya instead of her own son, hence her grandson Lord Parshuram, although was born as a sage, was indeed a warrior in character.

According to another legend, a kshatriya king Kartavirya Sahasrarjun once killed Parshuram’s father, Jamadagni and Kaam Dhenu, the cow which was given to him by Lord Shiva. In vengeance, Lord Parshuram vowed to kill all Kshatriyas. It is said that Lord Parshuram rid mother earth of all the Kshatriyas for 21 times. He is feared for wrath upon his adversaries yet is also known for his resolute love and devotion for his parents.

Lord Parshuram’s mother, Renuka was known for her chastity and devotion to her husband Jamadagni. It is said that her faith in herself was such that she would confidently fetch water in unbaked pot of clay. However once while she was at the river, she was attracted for a split second by a group of gandharvas passing by in a chariot and the unbaked pot of clay dissolved in the water. In horror, Renuka did not return home and the sage learnt of the incidence. He ordered his sons to kill her. First four sons denied their father’s command and were turned to stone, but Parshuram axed her mother’s head. Jamadagni was pleased and offered Parshuram two boons, through which he brought back his mother and his brothers, back to life.

Adorned with an axe in one hand and a Vishnu Bow in another, with matte hair and warrior built, attired in sage outfit, Lord Parshuram is worshipped as an Upaasya-devata. He is recognised as one who knows vedas by heart and leads with courage. His birthday falls on 3rd day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month and the day is known as Parshu Rama Dwadashi. Most people fast on this day to be blessed with a son and become a king upon re-birth.

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