Rangoli and its Importance in Diwali

November 4, 2015, In: Festivals

Diwali is never said to be complete without Rangoli. Rangoli designs are patterns that are made on the floor of the rooms or the courtyard. Rangoli is said to make things special and traditional and gives an authentic look to festivals or on a wedding or any of the auspicious event that is going to take place. In Rangoli, there isn’t requirement of any materials such as, ruler, thread, brush, etc., but is made using free hands to draw various shapes in various sizes.

Rangoli is made using coarse powder that is obtained from the mineral, Shirgola, that is lustrous in nature. It is also made up using the colored rice or sand, flour or flowers. Also, in Konakan region, rice is burnt and the white ash that is left is used as Rangoli. One of the traditional Rangoli making involves the use of the thumb and index finger to use the pinch of Rangoli powder to make different patterns on the floor.

How is Rangoli made?

* The floor on which the Rangoli is to be made is cleaned. It is smeared with cow dung. After the surface dries the Rangoli is drawn at several locations as per the facing of the Sun and the Tulsi of the House.
* Then the design is selected as per the event and type of festival that is taking place.
* After the design is chosen, a certain number of points are created on the floor so that it can be linked and then these points are joined to make the shapes, lines and curves of the original chosen Rangoli.
* The last task is to fill the colors in the outlines as per the designs that are chosen.
* Few people use homemade “gond” so that Rangoli doesn’t get off the floor.

Why is Rangoli made?

When the floor is smeared using cow dung, there are creation of subtle lines which possess a certain kind of frequencies, which are believed to be injurious to one’s body, eyes and mind because of the vibrations produced by these frequencies. In order to avoid these unfavorable and harming frequencies, the Rangoli is drawn on the floor for its auspiciousness and to avoid any kind of ill effect of sweeping and smearing.

The Rangoli is made up of two types which are form dominant and ornamental. In the Dominant form Rangoli, the cones and circles are drawn in proportion and in Ornamental Rangoli, emphasis is done on the flowers, leaves, trees, creepers, birds and animals. The latter is more appealing to the eyes than the former one.

Importance of Rangoli

In Hindu Dharma, Rangoli plays an important role as it is drawn in all the festivals to mark auspiciousness and rituals. Each festival is devoted to a specific God and as per the deity principles the specific deity is present in the atmosphere in larger proportion as compared to the normal days and they are specifically targeted to the place where religious rituals are performed. It is believed that Rangoli drawn on the floors attracts God to visit the homes. Also, it is the best way to have your house decorated using Rangoli and also have all the Good Luck awaiting at your door.

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