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July 11, 2015, In: Festivals

Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudhchaya Varshi Lavkar Ya…

We gleefully chant and our heart overcomes with a feeling of sadness as we bid final farewell to our beloved Ganesha. Even our eyes are filled with tears as Ganesha is finally immersed in the water, and we make our way back home with a hope that he shall return next year bringing the same joy to us again.  We pray him with such devout reverence that his departure makes everything around us sad.

But a walk on the beach the very next day after Ganesh immersion will break your heart with a gut-wrenching site of broken and undissolved Ganesha idols washed back on shore. The very same God that we prayed with such devotion and love last eleven days now lies as a pile of garbage lined up on the entire beach. The sight is both saddening and disturbing. But even more it is damaging to our environment. Most idols are made of Plaster of Paris as they are both, cheap and sturdy to construct huge Ganesha idols. However it contains chemicals and colors that cause more harm as they mix with water in huge quantities, disturbing the marine life.

Hence with the awareness supported by individuals and communities alike, more and more citizens now act more responsibly towards environment safety and opt for an eco-friendly Ganesha idol to minimize the impact on marine life.

The most popular amongst all are Shadu idols. Shadu is nothing but the clay extracted from river banks, mostly around Gujarat, Rajasthan and Konkan area of Maharashtra. Ganesha murtis were actually made from clay by age-old artists, back when Ganesha celebrations started out originally. The natural clay is more malleable like POP, making it easy to use and first choice of artisans.  Clay is also known to dissolve easily in water. As it comes from the river bed itself, it is safe to use and does not pollute the environment. Most Shadu idols also use colors made from organic materials like turmeric, geru and kum-kum etc. Hence even these natural colors dissolve in water without creating an ecological imbalance that can harm the life under water.

Some people think that the clay renders the idol delicate. The shadu murtis are also heavy, which makes it tougher to handle larger idols. However, clay is found to be the most eco-friendly material which is 100% natural and does not contaminate water. Also as clay idols tend to easily dissolve in water, it also addresses the problem of the broken idols washing up on shore which is a huge task to clean up afterwards. Hence selecting a Shadu idol in favour of a larger good of the society is definitely a wise choice. showcases a collection of intricately designed Shadu idols for Ganesha that are eco-friendly and delicately crafted by their skilled artisans to captivate your heart and help you to celebrate the coming Ganesh Chathurti responsibly. So, choose one now and welcome home an eco-friendly Ganesha this year.

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