Steps to Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol (Murti)

July 15, 2015, In: Festivals

The season of festival brings us many joys and is the time of the year when each one of us wants to contribute to the celebration of the lordship in some or the other way. So how amazing will it be if one could create the glorious idol of Lord Ganapati with their own hands to grace the occasion while working towards the betterment of environment at the same time. Here are some of the ways by which you can create your very own Ganapati.

Shadu Idol

Materials needed: Clay, Water, Organic Paint, Coil, Aluminum foil, Paint brushes, Sandpaper, Glue or Putty and Fabric (for the idol clothes).

1. Knead the clay into a soft mould with water, sufficient enough to create the body parts of the idol.
2. Make a skeleton of the body, ears and legs with the help of the copper wire or coil.
3. Adding clay to coil skeleton body, make the large stomach by shaping the clay with your fingers.
4. Next, make a head and a trunk and place it accordingly.
5. For the ears, take a small blob of clay and flatten it in order to give the required shape.
6. The same process of creation, like that of the ears, would be applied for hands and feet, with the palm and feet being flatten to produce the shape.
7. Once completed, the exterior of the idol could be smoothened with a brush to even it out and left to dry.
8. The dried idol could then be further smoothened with a sandpaper to even out any more difficulties; in case of cracks use of putty or glue is applicable.
9. Next comes the coloring and for that organic paint could be used to retain the eco friendly nature of the idol.
10. The crown and other accommodating items of the idol can be made with the aluminum foil and the fabric could be used to create an outfit.

Paper Mache Idol

Materials needed: Paper, 150 gms Ghati gum, Whitening powder, Flour or Clay, Aluminum foil and Sandpaper.
1. Keeping in mind the size of your idol, soak a required amount of waste paper in water and create a pulp by grinding it.
2. Take the Ghati gum, dilute it in water and mix it with the grinded paper pulp.
3. After left for a day, mix the pulp with some amount of whitening powder, which will then turn the pulp into a mould like that of a chappati atta.
4. The mould is then to be shaped like that of a Ganesha idol and covered with two or three layers of flour paste (depending on the size), and finally with paper to dry.
5. Once dried, the layers of flour are to be removed and sandpaper is to be used to smooth the exterior.

As a fresh new way and a trend which is catching up, for this season of festivity, the Ganesha idol could also be carved out of vegetables and fruits, adding another reason of interest to make an eco-friendly Ganesha of your own.

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