Havan – The energy of your House can help in changing your life

January 2, 2015, In: Puja

Energy field of every house is unique; no two houses can have the same energy field. The inhabitants are directly being directly affected by the energy field of the house. One’s health, productivity and fortune is greatly influenced by the Energy Field of the house in which he resides.

Peace of mind, Relaxation and Happiness is likely to be experienced by inhabitants of the house if it possesses a positive energy field. Whereas, one is more likely to experience discord and stress, if the energy field of the house is negative.

To change the energy of your house, our Panditji suggests a few simple tips:

1)      Living Space of the house should be brightened by allowing morning sunlight.

2)      Negative vibration can also be eliminated by removing unused and old items.

3)      While arranging furniture one should follow the rule ‘Less cluster, more space’.

4)      Play soft and spiritual music in house.

5)      Divine energy can also be invited by praying and meditating.

One of the most ancient, comprehensive and powerful methods of changing the energy of a house is a ‘Havan’ or ‘Homa’ which can also be known as Fire Rituals since:

  • Powerful electromagnetic field is created that attracts more favorable biological and environmental impact.
  • Chanting of Vedic mantra produces high potential sound waves and sonic vibrations.
  • Strong bio magnetic energy is produced by the use of special herbs in the fire.

To experience Peace and Happiness, one should perform a ‘Havan’ or Fire Rituals at their home along with their families.

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