The Invocation Ritual for New Abodes – Griha Pravesh

November 26, 2015, In: Puja

Having a home is a dream of almost everyone. And when we but one for ourselves, it is important that the home is invoked with positive vibrations. While most homes today are said to be vastu compliant, they still need the invocation. In Hinduism, Griha Pravesh Puja is believed to be of great importance for new homes. Griha Pravesh literally means ‘entering the home’. It is a ceremony that is performed before the person enters his new house to reside there permanently. It entails the set of procedures to attain a prosperous life and good fortune in a new home.

It is a popular belief that new acquisition is subject to various evil forces and jealousy. Therefore certain measures in the form of rituals are performed so as to safeguard a new home and its inhabitants. The peace and prosperity of a house depend on the auspicious time at which its foundation was laid and the Griha Pravesh was done.

In Ancient scriptures, three types of Griha Pravesh have been mentioned –

Apoorva which is entry into a newly constructed house.
Sapoorva which is entry into an already existing house after travelling abroad.
Dwandwah which is entry into a house after repair or renovation due to subsequent damage.

There are certain set of rules that need to be followed to fulfil a successful Griha Pravesh Puja. This is called the ‘Vidhi’ of the Puja. Ingredients like chandan powder, flowers, agarbatti, Kapoor, jiggery, akshata (rice), corns, dhoop, deep, ghee, milk, turmeric, etc. are used in this puja. Ganesh stapana and puja are a part of Griha pravesh puja and hence even Lord Ganesha’s idol is required.

Griha Pravesh Puja begins outside the house. Flowers, sweets, and Chandan are offered to the Lord. Next, the Kalash is prepared by filling it with water, rice, corn and wheat. Some coins and trimmed grass are also kept inside. A red or yellow thread is then wrapped around the Kalash and it is kept on a plate filled with rice. This plate is then kept at the left side of the main door of the house. A coconut wrapped with a red cloth is placed over the Kalash. A swastika is drawn on the door and a coconut is broken. The same procedure is repeated at all the doors of the house, all the while chanting Lord Ganesha’s name.

After the completion of Puja outside the house, the lady of the house takes the Kalash on her head and steps inside the house with her right foot stepping in first. A red cloth is placed on the south-east corner of the house. Rice is spread on it and then the Ganesh idol is placed on the rice and the Puja begins. The lady of the house then worships the kitchen. Laxmi-Narayan Puja is done. The inhabitants must sleep over that night in the new house after the Griha-Pravesh.

It is important that all the rituals are followed properly in the griha pravesh puja for a proper invocation of the home. So it is advisable to hire a good and experienced Pandit for your griha pravesh puja.

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