Things You Should Remember About Wedding Communication

December 13, 2014, In: Marriage

The way weddings are celebrated these days clearly speaks of your personal style. And while making a style statement at the wedding, it’s also exciting to see new trends emerging right from destination wedding, to a wedding held atop a hill, to hosting lavish cocktail parties and reception.

The wedding card is the first official communication to go to our beloved ones. The wedding invitation card stands for the “type” of wedding that the bride and groom is set to have.

If the wedding card is bright, colourful and thick, it means the wedding shall be worth to attend. On the contrary just a simple card with single page information is a subtle warning about the forthcoming wedding being simplistic and low on budget.

It is always wise not to spend too much on a wedding card invitation which will perhaps be lying in one corner of the room post the Day. Make the card attractive with nice bold colours and golden embellishment to attract attention .Selection in paper quality should be taken into consideration paper should not be too thick or too thin. Thick papers only add to the weight if it has to be sent via post or courier not to forget adding to the cost.

The next big challenge that poses the family of the bride and the groom is the number of cards that has to be printed! With ever growing guest list and everybody calling up to congratulate you for the wedding, there seems no end to the guest list till the last day! The best idea is to divide the guest list in to two. One set of guest to whom wedding cards is to be sent. These we call as “relatives and distant relatives” They have to be sent a wedding invitation by hook or crook. The other set we shall term them as “Friends” it’s time to go digital, cut costs and save money for something better. Soft copy of the invitation can be sent to your friends via e-mail, Facebook, what’s app etc. and the arenas are unlimited. This way you ensure saving thousands of rupees.

So the moral is – make your wedding card look expensive but work the smart way round for cheaper options. But if you are the one who wants to have a perfect princess wedding, an option to make it stand out is give away gift packs that you can opt for while giving wedding cards. The gift packs could be anything that you wish to give. Be it imported chocolates, home-made chocolates, a box of sweets, a potpourri of dry fruits or a basket of goodies, whatever you choose, the gift packs add an element of closeness, warmth and pious blessings to the couple. Who doesn’t like to be gifted and that too on wedding invites!

The options are never ending to make your wedding day as the best day! Choose wisely, play with beautiful colours; get it printed from the best; sample check cards and the ball is in your court.

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