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July 30, 2015, In: Puja

Far away from the roots of India, in the Land of Thames River, Sangeeta was preparing for her Satyanarayan Puja at her home. All the items were set. Her husband and children just flocked around the puja setting. The clock struck 9. It was time to speak to Panditji. She connected her laptop to Wi-Fi and dialled a call to her Panditji. Soon, the call got connected and the puja began. On the other side, somewhere in India, Panditji read all the mantras and guided Sangeeta and her family through the puja. It all went as per the ritual. Sangeeta was very happy that she could accomplish this, especially in the country where it is difficult to find a reliable and experience Pandit.

Sounds like a dream?

Most of us live an ambitious life. And in pursuit of higher studies or better jobs or to earn more money, many often have to leave our bases and fly abroad. And although you might be happy with your new life in the foreign land, it’s the time of festivities that you tend to miss your roots the most. Certainly! How can the commemoration of events like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi be forgotten? They are a larger than life experiences, especially the rituals and puja performed during these days. And although you would want to follow these rituals and conduct these pujas, you are left with no choice but giving up for simple reasons like – you need a pandit to perform your puja, isn’t it?

However, something that sounded like a dream a while ago, can actually be your reality!

Where’sMyPandit is bringing you a revolutionary religious service of Virtual Puja at your doorsteps. We are a leading Hinduism religious service provider with a pool of close to 200 qualified Panditjis from across India. Now, no matter in which part of the world you live in, you can perform any puja sitting at your home. You can also avail puja samagri and all the guidance related to your puja. The base of video conferencing is used to offer virtual puja service. You can choose from Bilateral Puja, Yajman’s edge and WMP edge puja services depending upon your convenience.

So, go ahead, experience the holiness of puja at your home. To know more, click here!

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Wheres My Pandit is an e-commerce project which centers on the ideas of professionalism with expertise in providing Puja Samagri & Pandit Services; it also conducts live Puja through video conferencing along with assisting in various Yatra and Temple information.The best part still is the "Organize a Puja" section provided by WMP so as to cater to all the needs of the Client .