Wedding Catering- How to select your Wedding Caterer

December 18, 2014, In: Marriage

Day 4, Wedding number 2, and I proceeded with my dinner plate towards the Veg Food Section. Wedding food is the highlight of any wedding and in the Indian Wedding Scene, the success of any wedding reception lies in the hands of the Wedding caterers. The tables were laid down under the shade and one could easily find his way to the Veg Corner. The placard read, ‘Veg Biryani’, though it looked appetising but the fact that it was being served cold, was a deal breaker. The next dish, ‘Paneer Butter Masala’ seemed to be floating in the dish full of oil and it was no less than fighting a battle to find a suitable piece of the Paneer in that dish. This is where Wedding catering goes wrong and the guests has to return home in discontent with your arrangements.

Indian Weddings are all about different traditions and ceremonies and every ceremony is bound to be accompanied by exotic and relishing food. While the customs and the rituals are being performed on you, the guests simply gorge on snacks and drinks to keep themselves occupied. Catering for Weddings is a serious business and it often gets tiresome for the couple to decide which Wedding Caterer to pick? Here are a few tips to help you deciding upon the perfect Caterer for your Dream Wedding.

1) Once you have decided upon your Wedding date and the venue, check for the availability of the Wedding Caterers in the market. Always chose a Caterer who has no other Wedding to cater on the same dates.

2) The preparations for any successful wedding reception begins at least 3 months before the wedding day. This gives you ample time to come with an alternate plan in case things don’t work out your way.

3) Often the Hotels and the Resorts provide their own Catering for the Wedding. A timely check about the terms and conditions of the venue is a must.

4) Before giving the project to the caterer, sit with the head chef and decide upon the frequency of the ceremonies and the number of guests in each ceremony. Ask him if he could cater to such number of people. The charges by Wedding Caterers are usually based on the estimated number of plates utilized.

5) Once the budget is worked upon, ask about the dishes your Wedding Caterer has to offer for each ceremony. Always sample the food items before you give him the project. Snacks and drinks are equally important. Look for variety in the menu. The medium of preparation and the quality of food is the most important aspect.

6) And last but not the least, trust your Wedding Caterer. Your Wedding is equally important for him as well.

Wedding Reception for the Bride and the Groom is their day of seeking blessing of their near and dear ones before starting the journey of a new life. Any goof ups with the preparation can dishearten your guests and leave them in dismay. The most important aspect of any Wedding Reception is the Wedding Food and if you have the right Caterer, half the battle of throwing a successful wedding is won!

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