Lights, Camera, Strike a Pose, Click!

With the winter chills flowing in, we can surely hear the wedding bells ringing for some. Every couple these days desires for a fairy tale wedding or theBig Fat Indian Wedding we likely call it. From the glimmer and shimmer on the dresses to the salamis and biryanis on the food menu, they leave no stone unturned for perfection.  And to capture those special and memorable moments, they hire not just any dilettante and amateur cameraperson, but a skilled and an adept Wedding Photographer.  With Wedding Planning being one of the main cash making areas from marriages, we can now see Wedding Photography as the other emerging business.

Wedding for any couple is their day of mingling their lives into one and sharing their love with their families and the close ones. From the small rituals and ceremonies to the wedding vows and the pheras, they want every shade and every colour of the memories to be captured beautifully. They want to look back to their wedding and want to see people enjoying. They are ready to shed some extra amount only to keep those memories fresh and alive for the years to come. Wedding for the couple is their ‘The Day’; and the Photographer makes it a point that the Bride and the Groom look no less than some celebrity.

A successful Wedding Photographer listens to the journey of the couple and accordingly plans their pre-wedding shoot. This is where the creative mind and the skills of the photographer speak. Such shoots are often captured in a storytelling way, narrating their love through creative pictures. A candid shot is the other reason why people prefer Wedding Photographers over traditional photographers. They capture the essence and emotions of the Bride, the anticipation and the nervousness of the Groom, the love in the atmosphere, the traditions and the customs and the nuances of the wedding.  They are professionally trained to capture every ingredient of the wedding creatively, as wedding photography is all about creativity.

The job of a Wedding Photographer does not terminate with the completion of the wedding. Many couples hire photographers to shoot the journey which begins after their wedding. They either plan a Post-wedding shoot, continuing with the narration of the story or hire him to shoot the story of their honeymoon, which is an important chapter for any newly wedded couple. They prefer calling a Wedding Photographer to shoot this chapter, instead of piling a huge camera along with them to every place they visit.

Indian Weddings have always been a grand affair, not just for the Bride and Groom, but for families and their kith and kin as well. With Weddings, comes a galore full of memories and everybody wants to be a part of it and it is the job of a Wedding Photographer to capture the quintessence of such reminiscing moments.