Why Do Sikhs Wear Turbans?

October 12, 2015, In: Traditions

A turban is the crown of a Sikh; the crown of pledge to their higher commitments. The turban signifies royalty and grace to give them a unique position in the society. The significance of the turban primarily is absolute commitment to their duties. On the other hand, the turban also acts as a protector to the head and keep the long hair intact. Have you ever thought of the fact from where this trend of wearing turbans came into existence? A lot of us consider it to be the holy instruction of the Sikh deity. Yes, of course the reason is religious. The Sikhs consider it to be a gift from their Guru. Let us take a look at what is said to have happened.

There are ten Sikh gurus, according to Sikh belief, who pioneered the community to the path of enlightenment at different times. The tenth Guru, Gobind Singh offered Amrit to his five beloved disciples and clad them with the turbans. He called it the dastar, as it was called in the Persian language. The significance of a turban was distinctly different from that of a hat in Europe. Turban implied serenity and nobility; it is the representative of respectability. This was a huge social metamorphosis against the contemporary background that the tenth guru hailed from.

In the seventeenth century, having a turban was an aristocrat act. Only the members of Mughal majesty and the Hindu Rajputs were allowed to wear ornate turbans to adorn their heads. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh master was the first to bring a heavy blow to this pillar of ruling aristocracy. He was the first Guru to have his second name as Singh. He also wanted the society to treat his disciples with equal respect. To bring about the sense of equality, he gifted the Sikhs, the turban, a royal respect that they were deprived of for many years. Since then, the Sikhs have been displaying their sign of respect quite boldly. This also gave birth to a fierce sense of patriotism against the Mughal rule.

Some religious Sikh also believes that through the turban Guru Gobind Singh imparted some of his energies into his disciples. They believe wearing the turban might give them the energy of fighting whatever comes their way. A fascinating philosophy, it is indeed. May the Sikhs keep up the significance of their turbans for centuries to come.

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