Why do we Worship Lord Shiva in Shravan

June 10, 2016, In: Festivals

What is Shravan Mass?


One of the holiest months of the Hindu calendar, Shravan falls from the end of July month to August in the Gregorian calendar. Many people choose to perform pujas for homes, businesses, money, etc. as it is considered to be a highly auspicious period. But as this is the month of Lord Shiva, all kinds of Shiva pujas are conducted. The months, however, vary in the North and the South as the former follows the Purnimant Calendar and the latter, the Amavasyant Calendar. Moreover, it is the season wherein the earth soaks up the refreshing water of the monsoons, making the place lush green as waters nourish the fields.

Why is Shravan dedicated to Shiva?

It is believed that Lord Shiva saved the world from destruction during this time. It was at this period when the Samudra Manthan took place. As the story goes… in order to extract precious valuables from the oceans, the Gods and Goddesses churned the deep waters with the great snake Vasuki deployed as a rope. But from its depths, also emerged the toxic Halahala. But before it could destroy the universe; Lord Shiva held it in his neck. As a result of this, his throat turned blue and is therefore also known as ’Neelkantha’. This month is a way to show respect and pay reverence to the Lord who is known as the destroyer and the transformer; He who keeps the balance of the Universe.

Important Pujas during this month

It is believed to be one of the most favourable times for the Hindus, and people generally undertake pujas when they want to increase the blessings a manifold in a new venture, marriage, etc. But as it is a month of Lord Shankar, generally, pujas are undertaken to please him.

Rudrabhishek Puja

This is one of the oldest forms of Shiva worship; where the ling is revered in accordance with Vedic rituals. This puja is believed to be observed since the time of Lord Rama and is undertaken in honour of Rudra who is an avatar of Shiva. At this time, the linga is continuously bathed with water while the Rudra Sukhta mantra is chanted.

Laghu Rudra Puja

Rudra is the fiercest form of Shiva. He is also one of the most powerful avatars of Shiva. Shri Rudram is chanted 11 times during the course of this puja. During this puja, different characteristics of the Lord are invoked and revered. Lord Shiva is the contributor of health wealth and spiritual upliftment.

Shiv Puja

This puja is done in accordance with the traditions described in the Siva Purana. Lord Shiva is the pioneer of breaking away from materialistic ties. ‘Om Namah Shivay’ is the most sacred chant for this puja. Lastly, Lord Shiva is worshipped to maintain the balance of the universe.

Maha Shivratri Puja

Maha Shivratri is one of the most important occasions dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also said to be the day when Lord Shiva and Parvati united. This day involves fasting and lingam Abhishek. It is said that if one worships the Lord on this day, he will be showered with immense blessings and will attain salvation. Where single women pray for a good husband in the future, married women pray for the welfare of their spouses.

Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap

This powerful mantra has been given immense importance in the Vedic texts. Known by different names, i.e. Rudra mantra and Tryambakam mantra. The power of this mantra is such that it cures an individual of an illness and can help a dying person live longer. The puja takes days to complete but can be done in a shorter span of time if there are more pandits involved.

Mangala Gauri Puja

This is generally undertaken by married women in the western and southern part of India. During this day, women dress up in a traditional attire to seek marital prosperity.

Benefits of these pujas performed during Shravan

•    Gets rid of the malefic effects of doshas
•    Turns negative forces into positive forces
•    Advances education and career prospects
•    Infuses a sense of harmony in an individual’s life
•    Does away with financial constraints
•    It helps keep you grounded and away from materialist attachment
•    Instils strength and brings in harmony in the overall sphere of life
•    Cleanses the mind and soul
•    Inculcates strength against enemies

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