Why do we worship Shiva on Monday?

December 22, 2014, In: Traditions

Worship is an act of surrendering our soul to higher or supreme being.  Knowing that nothing is created without his consent, nothing thrives without his will and nothing perishes without his knowledge – trilogy of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. More often Mahesha, more popularly known as Shiva, is recognised as the Destroyer instead of being understood as a Transformer, since the energy is only transformed from one state into another.

Shiva, one of the chief deities in Hinduism is crowned as Devon Ke Dev – “ Mahadev”. Shiva literally translates to “that which is not”. Through transformation he represents truth and power, reform, continuously evolving, winning over difficult or impossible situations by overcoming impediments. Worshipping Shiva is beyond any imagination and form, surrendering our entire beings to achieve a Zen like state – Nirvana. Where we aren’t controlled by our senses but we control them, realising that I am nothing and yet there is nothing without me. This is a reason why only Shiv Puja doesn’t require a chanting hymn or exact image of Shiva, but we meditate and worship Shiv-Ling which represents the universe itself.

There is a varied story which throws light on why Shiva is particularly worshipped on Monday. Most popular one is that spinsters fast for 16 Mondays starting in the month of Shravan to find an ideal husband. This is also hidden is the word “Soma” derived from “Somvar”- Monday, which actually breaks down to Sa-Uma, meaning He with his Uma (his wife). Hence worshipping Shiva on Mondays is considered auspicious by Spinsters seeking coupling. However there are few more versions.

Shiva is known for his rage and wrath he causes upon his displeasure. He is also known as Soma-Shekhara and adorns Chandra – Moon on his Jata. According to some, the cool moon represents Monday. To offer worship on cool Moon night to Rudreshvar (which is one of Shiva’s many avataars) is logical. Some also argue that it is since he called Someshwar, he is worshipped on Monday.

Another elaborate story narrates an incident with a poor Brahman who could not sustain his livelihood to support his family. Once he stepped out to seek Bhikhsha and found a big peepal tree under which he meditated for 12 years fasting on Mondays. Lord Shiva was pleased. He disguised himself as a sage and met the Brahman, who in-turn shares his worries. Lord Shiva disguised in the Sage form shared a valuable Mantra­­­­ with Brahman that all the days of week belonged to other deities however Monday belongs to Shivji. Whoever worships Shiva on Mondays unlocks the secrets of nine treasures of Lord Kuber.

Lord Shiva helps liberate our soul from worldly desires to self-actualisation, bringing us closer to our inner self and universe. Worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday with self-less and whole-hearted devotion brings auspiciousness, health and moksha from all the worldly disturbances.

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