Why we worship Lord Hanuman on Saturdays?

December 19, 2014, In: Traditions

Hinduism is a well-chronicled religion. Years of practice and unstained ceremonial record has ensured that each day of the week covers the gods and goddesses. Lord Hanuman is a popular deity who has mass following all across the country. Worshipping Hanuman ji every day ensures pious life and relieves you from troubles. Hanuman ji can be worshipped every day of the week as he has been blessed by every god. Saturday has special significance though.The logic behind worshipping Lord Hanuman as Veer Anjaneye (Vir An-jan-e-yeah) on Saturday dates back to Ramayana period.

Hanuman-Shani-Saturday Nexus

Hanuman shields his ardent followers from the eye of Shani dev. The relation behind Shani and Hanuman is a key aspect of why Hindus worship Hanuman on the very day when they also offer their prayers to Shani Dev. Legend says that Hanuman rescued Shanidev from the grips of Ravaana in Lanka. Now, how did Shanidev got tangled into Raavan’s grip?

After defeating all devtas of the heaven, Raavana imprisoned each of the nine planets that rule the fate of a person.  He wanted to align each of the planets in a favourable position to influence the birth timing of his eldest son, MayaviIndrajit. Raavan was so massive that he stifled each of the nine planets under his leg. Devtas got worried that if Indrajit is born in the favourable planetary alignment, he would be invincible for all his life. When all planets failed to move in their natural orbit, Shani Deva tried to move and cast his drishti on Raavana’s face. It was catalysed by Narada’s intervention. He prompted Raavana to stamp his authority on the planets by crushing them on their chest and not back. Raavana agreed and when he was about to press on Shani’s chest, the ShaniDrishti fell on Raavana and his horoscope went for a toss. Raavan, himself a master astrologer understood that it was Shani’s fault and imprisoned him to take revenge at an appropriate time.

Years later, Hanuman arrived at Lanka and rescued Shani after hearing his cries for help. While rescuing Shani Deva, even Hanuman witnessed the ShaniDrishti and was inflicted with ShaniDosha, just like other gods and mortal beings. ShaniDev took refuge on the head of Hanuman and was safely rescued from Lanka. Out of sincere gratitude, ShaniDev said that he would never affect Hanuman or his progeny. Since then, people worship Hanuman to ensure that Shani Dosh does not affect them, just as promised by Shanidev himself.

There is another story that links Hanuman Worship to Saturday. It is believed that ShaniDev rules from the head of Hanuman. Hanuman is said to have taught ShaniDev a lesson in modesty when he united the Planet god with his father, Surya. Shanidev, feeling obliged, bestowed that all devotees would remain unaffected from ShaniDosha if they worship Hanuman on Saturdays.

Once, ShaniDev was badly injured by Hanuman’s activity of continuous hauling of huge boulders and stones. ShaniDev requested Hanuman to apply some oil on the wounds. Modest Hanuman embalmed the wounds with oil and the pin disappeared. Since then, it is believed that applying oil on ShaniDev’s body and worshipping Hanuman on Saturday’s can defeat all evils and bring good luck.

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