Why we worship Lord Surya (Sun God) on Sundays?

December 24, 2014, In: Traditions

Lord Surya is the source of ultimate power on Earth. Worshipping Sun God every morning has a special significance in every Hindu’s life. From day beginning to house warming ceremonies, every aspect of a Hindu event has Surya Puja at its centre. Just like other Gods, Surya Dev has a day reserved for exclusive worshipping. On Sundays, most Hindus worship Lord Surya to improve their horoscope and sooth the disturbed and maleficent planets. Worshipping Surya Dev on Sundays has special significance.

Surya Dev is the centre of all Planets that rule horoscope of a person. Each planet has a distinct characteristic and can be controlled only by Surya. Sun God is the Life giver and Atmarakshak. It is considered auspicious to begin the week with Surya Dev’s name; it is said to help in preserving the prosperity at home, and business. Most tasks solemnized by taking the name of Surya Dev on Sunday reach their fruitful stage. Numerous pledges are taken on Sunday by stating Surya Dev as witness or ‘Saakshi’. To mark the seal of divinity, Sun god is worshipped on Sundays so that they can mark a beginning from the next working day, i.e., Somvar or Monday.

Another significant reason why Surya Dev is worshipped on Sundays is explained through a Shiv PURANA Story. Surya’s wife was so irritated with the dazzling shine of Surya that she left him. Before leaving him, she ensured that Surya Dev never finds out who has taken her place; she created a Chaya or shadow to veil the true situation. After years when Surya Dev found out the reason for the deception, he wished to have his dazzle reduced by some amount Vishwarkarma, the God of Design, reduced the dazzle and used it to make Sudarshan Chakra, Trishul, Vajra and Godly bows and arrows. For this very reason, Surya Dev has been given a special place in weekdays to acknowledge his contribution to keeping a balance of Life and Energy in the Universe.

Another story related to why Surya Dev is worshipped on Sunday is highlighted in Sarva Purana. Once, Indradev visited Mount Kailash to meet Shiv Parvati. Upon meeting them, Indra asked Shiv-Parvati to install a statue of Eshwara. Shiva advised him to place Surya Dev instead of Eshwara as Surya is the representation of Brahama-Vishnu-Mahesh, The Trinity. From then on, Surya Dev’s statue has been the Kshetra Palak or the Guardian of the Heavens. Carved by Vishwakarma himself, the statue is worshipped on Sundays before commencing the week as a mark of benevolence towards the Trinity. Worshipping Surya on Sundays is considered same as that of praying to different Gods and deities on other days of the week.

There is another legend, but based on a scientific fact related to the spectrum of White light that explains why Surya Dev is worshipped on Sunday. Surya Dev is the source of Light. Light has 7 colours in its spectrum. Each day of the week is designated as the colour of the spectrum. White represents Sunday, while Saturday represents Violet and the rest of the VIBGYOR colours falling in the intermediate weekdays. Red is omnipotent and guarantees freedom from evils and bad health. Worshipping Sun God, exposing the body to him during morning on Sunday, ensures prosperity, health and wealth.

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