Diwali Puja Vidhi or Laxmi Puja Vidhi


Diwali Puja or Laxmi Puja – A Blessing to Prosperity from the Goddess of Wealth

Deepavali or “festival of lights” fondly referred to as Diwali is considered to be one of the gigantic festivals of the Indian society. Believed to be the most ancient Hindu festival, it is a festival of happiness and is celebrated in Indian culture with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Spiritual Significance of Diwali

The divine importance of this festival has always been the victory of light over darkness. This festival of gleam is celebrated for five days. It commences with Dhanteras, which is the thirteenth day of the Hindu month-Kartika, and first day of Diwali celebration. After it, Narak Chaudas, also known as Roop Chaudas or Choti Diwali marks the second day of the festival. It is followed by Diwali which is the fifteenth day of the Kartika month (amawasya). It is the day of Laxmi Pujan. Padva marks the fourth day of the festival. And the last day is the Bhaidooj, which is celebrated to embrace brother sister relationship.

According to Hindu epic Ramayana, the day of Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama, along with his wife Sita and brother Laxmana, from 14 years of exile. . The festival is also linked with Goddess of wealth and prosperity-Laxmi, and marks it as the marriage day of the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. This is the main reason of the ceremony performed on the main day of the Diwali celebration being known as The Laxmi Pujan.

Benefits of Laxmi Puja

  • It brings financial help to a person and makes him wealthy and affluent.
  • Removes all kinds of hurdles that one is facing in the personal and professional front.
  • Agra Dosh of all kinds is looked after, reducing their negative effects.
  • Harmony is incorporated among families and friends.
  • The betterment of communication skills that helps in better outcomes of the business.

Procedure of Laxmi or Diwali Puja i.e. Laxmi Puja Vidhi

  1. Clean the place and the area where the Puja is to be performed and spiritualize it with Gangajal and/or Goumutra to embark holiness.
  2. Decorate the location of the Puja as per your convenience. Make sure you have had a bath and dressed up to the occasion of Lakshmi Puja as you’re to welcome prosperity and wealth at your place by performing this Puja. Purify yourself as well with the Gangajal and drink a couple of drops.
  3. Setup a raised platform i.e. Chowki and cover it with a red cotton cloth. Place handful of wheat/rice at its center. Place a 3/4th filled Kalash over it. Put a betel nut, flower, 1 rupee and 25 paise coins (savaa rupiya) and some rice grains in the Kalash.
  4. Put 5 mango leaves over the Kalash and place a dish filled with rice over it. Using haldi i.e. turmeric draw Lakshmi maa’s lotus over this rice and then, with care place Goddess Laxmi’s idol (murti) over it along with Gold/Silver coins.
  5. Worship the Vignaharta, Ganpati Bappa as he’s to be worshiped before any Puja. Place Ganeshji’s idol at the right of the Kalash.
  6. Place a book and a pen related to your business near it and then offer haldi, kumkum and flowers to it. Light a lamp i.e. diya post this. Take a glass of water and offer haldi, kumkum and flower to it as well invoking Goddess within the water.
  7. Post this all, begin with worshiping Laxmi devi (lakshmi mata ka aavhan kijiye) by reciting the appropriate mantras i.e. “Om hreem shreem lakshmihayo namah” or “Ya devi sarva bhutheshu Laxmi rupen samsthita, namastasyaye namastasyaye namastasyaye namoh namah”
  8. Place the idol of Goddess Laxmi in a plate and offer it a bath in panchamrut, Gangajal and water containing gold or silver ornaments or pearls or coins. Wipe the murti and place it on the kalash again carefully.
  9. Now, offer astagandha chandan i.e. sandal paste, ittar i.e. scented water or perfume, haldi, kumkum, abheer, gulal and a garland of cotton beads to Goddess Laxmi. Worship her with flowers especially marigold, lotus and belpatra/tulsi.
  10. Lighten five incense sticks and dhoop as well.
  11. Offer five types of sweets, five types of fruits, a coconut i.e. nariyal and tambul to Goddess Laxmi.
  12. Worship your tijori i.e. safe box or the location where you keep your jewelry and / or money. While doing this, chant Lord Kuber’s mantra i.e. “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namah” to please him.
  13. Light a five jyot or batti diya and perform Goddess Laxmi’s aarti with one and all present for the Puja. Pray to Goddess Laxmi to embark upon you and your loved ones happiness, wealth and prosperity.
  14. Post, the aarti take panchamrut and distribute the Prasad to everyone.Milk
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Laxmi Puja Muhurat or Diwali Puja Muhurat

Amrit, Shubh, Labh & Char are the good muhurats while Rog, Kal & Udveg are the bad ones.

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