Kali Puja


Kali Puja is reverence of Kali – a divine, fearless avatar of Adi Shakti Durga! She is known to have been born from Devi Durga’s forehead and is a deity of empowerment. Kali means two things – the one who represents the eternal time itself and the one who is black. It is because of this that she is the Goddess of Time, Power, Creation as well as Destruction. She is the consort of Lord Shiva who is also known as Kaal. Hence, she is Kaal’s Kali. Worshipping her is a common practice across India, especially in West Bengal and certain parts of South India.

Significance of Kali Puja:

Kali Puja is also known as Shyama Puja. Praying to Devi Kali is not easy. The prayers have to be carried out with unwavering faith and complete devotion. Praying to her for the fulfillment of unethical needs draws her wrath. Kali is also known as the mighty slayer. She has slain many a demons like Rakhtabeeja, Shumbh and Nishumbh. But all her battles are against negativities and negative forces. Worshipping Devi Kali helps one get rid of negative energies like ego, anger, jealousy, etc. that prove to be an obstacle in achieving material and/or spiritual growth.

Benefits of Kali Puja:

Praying to Kali Maata invokes her blessings and one is benefited by

  • Getting rid of negative emotions and energies.
  • Material growth.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Spread of positive energies that leads to a person doing the right thing.
  • Protection from illnesses, debts, betrayals, failures, insults and misfortune.

Occasions to Perform a Kali Puja:

Like Devi Durga, Devi Kaali is also worshipped on various occasions. The most common occasion is the Kartika Amavasya that falls in the month of October-November. It generally coincides with the main night of Diwali i.e. the Laxmi Puja night. In many regions, it is celebrated one day prior on Kali Chaudas.

Quite a few believers also pray to Devi Kali during the Navratris that precede Diwali. People who are suffering from the malefic effects of Shani i.e. Saturn should definitely pray to Devi Kali on Kali Chaudas – that is a day after Dhantrayodashi. One can perform the Dus Maha Vidya MahaKali Puja to free themselves from the clutches of negativity.

Kali Puja Vidhi:

  • The basic requirement is that of a picture of Kali Maata, which alone is considered to be a source of powerful divine energy.
  • One should place her picture on a wooden plank or chauka.
  • Other samagris for Kali puja that are required include small bowls of akshata, water, salt and red flowers. This saamagri should be preferably placed on a plate or in a basket. One can also serve bhog to Maata which should be made without onion and garlic and should not be spicy. One can offer sweets as well
  • Many start the Puja by meditating on Kali Maata’s image to connect with her on a spiritual level
  • Post the meditation, worshippers chant the mantra of “Om Maa Kali” and simultaneously apply salt water as a purification method.
  • The uncooked rice is used to draw a triangle with a point facing Maata’s image.
  • The prayers done after this are to invoke the blessings from all the ten directions and from all the eight avatars of Kali Maata. One has to take the name of each avatar and simultaneously place one red flower in the triangle
  • Mantras are chanted along with deep breathing exercises to attain a meditative state. The most important one being the Kali Gayatri Mantra
  • Sacrifice is an essential part of Kali Puja. But many people are opting for vegetative sacrifices as an alternative to animal sacrifices. People use a bottle gourd or a melon. The melon is cut in half. In one part, we can light a diya and on the other half we can place some red flowers.
  • The bhog can be distributed amongst the worshippers.

Kali Puja Shubh Mahurat:

  • Chaitra Navratri Saptami (Kalaratri Puja): 13th April 2016
  • Sharadiya Navratri Saptami (Kalaratri Puja): 8th October 2016
  • Kali Chaudas: 29th October 2016
  • Shyama Puja: 30th October 2016

Mantras to Chant During Kali Puja:

Sarva Mangal Maangalye, Shive Sarvarth Saadhike,

Sharanye Tryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali BhadraKali Kapaalini,

Durga Shiva Kshamadhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute.

Kali Gayatri Mantra

Om Maha Kalyai Ca Vidmahe Smasana Vasinyai Ca Dhimahi Tanno Kali Prachodayat

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