Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals, Ceremony and Vidhi

  1. Ganpati Pujan – Lord Ganesha is worshiped for an auspicious start to the marriage of the wedding couple by seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings
  2. Punyahvachan – The Nariyal-Kalash Puja is performed
  3. Matru Pujan – The Kuldevi Puja is performed
  4. Navgraha Pujan – For the happiness in the married life, all the nine planets are worshiped as its important in an Indian Wedding for the nine planets’ blessing to be upon the couple
  5. DevakKul Pujan is performed
  6. Ghana bharne – In a bamboo basket, Dhaan is put and the Bride performs the ritual
  7. Vyahibhet – Both the fathers meet each other apply Haldi-Kumkum & exchange Nariyal
  8. Vihinbhet – Both the mothers meet each other apply Haldi-Kumkum & exchange Nariyal
  9. Vangnishchay – The father of the Bride & Father will assure each other i.e. Vachan Denge
  10. Simant pujan – Bride’s mother & father will perform Var Pujan
  11. Mangalashtaka – Bride & Groom will stand in front of each other with an antarpaath in between them & the relatives & friends will shower them with rice while the Pandit recites the Mangalshtaka hymns & verses
  12. Kanyadaan – Bride’s mother & father will give away the Bride to Groom while taking Kanyadaan’s sankalp & the Bride’s mother will give her five vessels
  13. Kankan bandhan – A Kalash will be kept in between & the Bride & Groom will stand in front of each other while four family members will take a thread known as sut and tie it around them
  14. Mangalsutra Bandhan (Saubhagya lena) – The Groom will tie Mangalsutra around the Bride’s neck & fill her forehead with vermillion i.e. Maang bharna with kumkum
  15. Vivah Homa – The Groom will give aahuti while the Bride will have her hand around his hand and this is known as the Prayaschit Homa
  16. Laja Homa – While keeping Bhagvaan, Agni, Pandit, Bujurg & Kuldevta-devis as Sakshi the couple will be wed and they will perform the seven holy rounds i.e. saat fere (vivah ke bandhan main bandh jaayenge)
  17. Saptapadi – On a leaf chaval & supari will be kept & the couple while taking the seven steps will move each of it i.e. Saptapadi
  18. Laxmi Pujan – Four Goddesses names will be recited and it will be followed by the Bride’s name. This is known as Laxmi Pujan
  19. Bidai Pujan