Marwari Rituals

Marwari Wedding Rituals, Ceremony and Vidhi

  1. Initially, Lord Ganesha’s Puja is performed at the House followed by the Puja of the family’s Kuldevta and Kuldevi.
  2. Then, Mandap Muhurat Puja is performed at the Home in which a Garland i.e. a Toran is tied at the door of the House. The Bride i.e. Dulhan’s Mandap Muhurat Puja has to happen at the Wedding venue while the Groom i.e. Dulha’s Mandap Muhurat can happen at the Mandap or his House as per their preference. 
  3. During Mandap Muhurat, a Manek Stambh is sowed into a pot filled of soil i.e. a Kund and then, the Dulhan ties Mindhal to the Dulha.
  4. Post this, the ritual of Mameru is performed and the relevant Hymns or Songs are chanted and a Tilak is done to all.
  5. Post all this, we will proceed to the Wedding venue.
  6. First of all, at the entrance of the wedding venue, the Bride’s mother i.e. Dulhan ki maa will welcome the Groom by doing a Tilak ritual known as Dulhe ka Tilak. Then, the Bride’s mother will perform the Groom’s Aarti.
  7. The Groom i.e. Dulha will enter the Wedding venue and then he’s made to sit on the Groom’s chair i.e. Varraja ki khursi.
  8. Dulhan’s mother and father both, will worship the Devis and Devtas in the Wedding Shamiana i.e. Lagna Mandap and take a vow for the Puja i.e. Puja ka sankalp.
  9. Then, the Bride’s father i.e. Kanya ke pita will perform the Var Pujan i.e. do the Puja of the Groom i.e. Dulha.
  10. Post the Var Pujan, the Pandit calls for the Bride in the Puja Mandap i.e. Kanya ka Lagna Mandap main Pravesh.
  11. The exchange of Garlands happen after the Var Pujan i.e. Varmala ki vidhi.
  12. The Bride will sit in her chair i.e. Kanya ka khurshi ain baithna.
  13. The Bride’s mother i.e. Kanya ki maa will do Kanya Pujan i.e. do the Puja of the Bride i.e. Dulhan.
  14. After this, Kanya ke haath peele kiye jayenge Haldi Lepan dwara i.e. Bride’s hands will be turned yellow through Turmeric.
  15. The Bride’s father & mother i.e. Kanya ke mata pita will take the vow i.e. sankalp for Kanyadan and perform the ritual of Kanyadan wherein they’ll handover their daughter’s hand to the Groom portraying that the Bride is being given to the Groom by Bride’s parents.
  16. The Hastamilap ritual will be performed.
  17. Both, the Groom & Bride’s parents will remember their three generation of ancestor i.e. Teen Pidhiyon ka Gotronchaar.
  18. The fire within the Havan Kund will be ignited i.e. Havan Agni Sthapana  
  19. The relevant offerings i.e. Aahutis are offered to the Havan Agni
  20. The Bride & the Groom i.e. Dulha & Dulhan will take the holy rounds i.e. Lagna Fere (5 or 7)
  21. Saptapadi i.e. Pandit will explain the seven holy vows of marriage to the couple
  22. Mangalsutra pehenana i.e. Dulha will tie a holy necklace of black beads & gold known as Mangalsutra to the Dulhan.
  23. The Groom will apply vermillion at the Bride’s forehead i.e. Sir pae sindoor lagana known as maang bharna
  24. Kanya ki maa kansar khilayegi i.e. Bride’s mother will feed them sweets
  25. Aashirvaad leneka karyakram i.e. The Bride & Groom will seek blessings from all elderly.
  26. Vidai Puja vidhi i.e. The Pandit will chant Vidai hymns & songs as the Bride leaves her father & mother to start a new life with her Groom.