Organise a Puja

Organise a Puja

Puja Organiser

The “Organise a Puja” segment caters to all the services required for conducting a puja. The whole idea of the team of Where's My Pandit organising your puja is that all the difficulties you face while conducting a puja and all the requirements for organising a puja are addressed to by a team of professionals. While organising the puja for the client; services right from booking the pandit(s), arranging the samagris, booking the venue, decorating the puja premises to managing the Prasad service for the puja is handled by our puja organiser team. All the services provided under this segment are puja centric.

Whenever a devotee wishes to perform the Puja, it is not only the Pandit and Samagri (ingredients) that complete the Puja but a lot of other elements need to be taken care of. The “Organise a Puja” section of is you single point key for every single requirement to make your Puja complete. The whole idea behind the team of Where's My Pandit organizing your complete Puja is that all the hassles and worries one faces while conducting a Puja are handled by a team of professionals and experts in your domain of requirement. Our Puja Organizer team is blend of quality service providers, experts in their genre of product or service and all together function with one intent of providing our client with a traditional & divine Puja experience.

The list of segments or sections this sterling “Organising a Puja” caters to are as mentioned below:

1. Pandit:
A Pandit or a Priest is the person who performs the Puja as per the Hindu texts and Vedic scriptures. We can arrange for a highly proficient and qualified Pandit for any Puja in Hinduism who will create a spiritual and divine ambiance and vibe across the Puja venue. Expertise in conducting Pujas as per apt rituals and customs, we can arrange for a Pandit in any part of India customized as per the location, date of Puja and language of the client for giving them a traditional Puja experience.

2. Samagri:
An integral part of every Puja is the ingredients i.e. the samagri required by the Pandit and the client i.e. the yajmaan for having the Puja conducted properly. We not only take care of arranging the samagri in proper quantity so that insufficiency is not a constraint in the Puja but also take care of the quality of Samagri used to worship the almighty. Also, the samagri for Puja is relevant to the Puja being performed.

3. Prasad:
One of the vital elements of the Puja is the Prasad offered to the Gods & Goddesses in the Puja. This is something we always focus on and make sure that the Prasad is in sufficient quantity for everyone present at the Puja and is related to the Puja being performed. Prasad is an offering to the Gods/Goddesses by the yajmaan and is said to directly reach the God, so, it’s prominent to offer quality Prasad during the Puja in apt quantity.

4. Venue:
Another important part of the every Puja is the venue wherein the Puja is going to be performed. We take care of the placements related to the Puja in terms of the idols or photos of the deities, direction is which yajmaan needs to sit, the vastu, etc. while arranging for a proper venue for the Puja. A venue that provides a spiritual ambiance and vibe to the Puja is our primary focus and even, we make sure that every devotee can accommodate in the Puja venue.

5. Decoration:
Amidst the primary focus that makes any Puja special one is the decoration of Puja being performed. From the flowers used to the ingredients’ quality used in the Puja is all a part of the decoration. For appeasing a God / Goddess by performing the Puja it’s important that the Puja venue is properly decorated so that the Deities visit the place and bless the yajmaan performing the Puja.