Sat Chandi Puja & Yagya


Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya is undertaken in order to please the Divine Mother. She is the sole truth; the mother of the entire universe; protector of mankind and possessor of all power. Chandi Paath is one of the most powerful Hindu texts that is chanted to seek good health and prosperity. The mantras from this text are read out while performing the Chandi Havan. It is also known as Durga Saptashati.

Importance and Significance of Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya

Chandi Paath describes the victory of the Divine mother over the evil demon Mahishasura. According to the story, none of the Gods were able to destroy this demon. Therefore, they put their powers together and Goddess Durga or Goddess Chandi was born. Hence, she is known as the most powerful Goddess.

This Hindu text comprises of seven hundred verses arranged in 13 chapters. The Durga Saptashati is a mandatory component of the Chandi Yagna, it is one of the most powerful yagnas conducted in the Hindu religion to seek blessings in all spheres of life.

Sat Chandi Puja is done to get the attention of Goddess Durga who possesses immense energy, and seek blessings from the powerful Goddess. A person is believed to conquer all struggles of life after performing this Puja. It grants immense power to the devotee while getting rid of the negative forces in life.

Benefits of Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya

There are many advantages of performing the Shat Chandi Yagna, which also depends on the number of times the mantras are chanted.

  • It is chanted thrice to get rid of harmful effects of witchcraft
  • Chanting the Shat Chandi Paath five times will help remove obstacles caused by Doshas
  • Chanting it twelve times is believed to fulfil desires
  • Chanting it a hundred times will help remove sufferings
  • It helps in gaining prosperity and wealth
  • It protects against bodily harm
  • It makes a person stronger and less fearful
  • It rids a person of financial debts

Occasions to do a Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya

The best time to do the Sat Chandi Yagya is believed to be on a full moon day, because it is believed to harness all the positive energy. Another good time to perform the Shat Chandi Path would be during the festival of Navratri.

Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya Vidhi (Procedure)

The Saptashati Path vidhi has to be undertaken under the guidance of proficient Pandits. Every part of the Shat Chandi Puja is important and therefore has to be performed carefully.

  • Offerings are made to please the Goddess in order to seek blessings
  • Different mantras are chanted accordingly
  • Most important is the Chandi Paath, which is to be chanted a hundred times
  • The Puja ends with a Havan and an aarti praising the Goddess

Sat Chandi Paath Puja Yagya Mantras

The Sat Chandi Yagya is incomplete without the Navaran Mantra.

|| Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaye Vichche ||

It is one of the most powerful mantras and is believed to have quick results. But the results can only be gained if the mind that chants, it is free of ego.

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