Shubh Vivah

Shubh Vivah Muhurat in 2016

Shubh Vivah Muhurat (Marriage Muhurat) and Marriage Dates 2016

One of the prime focuses during a marriage’s decision is given to the date and time for the wedding in India as we believe that since the couple is tying their knot in holy matrimony it is important for them to nothing to go wrong. Thus, we understanding the Indian Wedding Season have talked to our expert panel of Pandits and shortlisted the auspicious date and time for every Hindu Weddings and also, we are providing Kudli matching service for the couple to decide on their marriage’s date and time in accordance to their Kundali..

Shubh Vivah Marriage (Marriage Muhurats) for 2016
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatraTithi
15th January19:35 to 30:22+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiSaptami
16th January06:22 to 17:55RevatiSaptami
20th January10:43 to 27:33+Rohini, MrigashirshaDwadashi
26th January06:21 to 21:06MaghaDwitiya, Tritiya
28th January20:35 to 30:20+Uttara Phalguni, HastaPanchami
29th January06:20 to 30:20+HastaPanchami, Shashthi
02nd February16:16 to 30:18+AnuradhaNavami, Dashami
03rd February06:18 to 12:36AnuradhaDashami
04th February25:24+ to 30:18+MulaDwadashi
05th February06:18 to 19:43MulaDwadashi
06th February19:25 to 24:02+Uttara AshadhaTrayodashi
11th February11:10 to 22:39Uttara BhadrapadaChaturthi
12th February09:16 to 25:41+RevatiPanchami
17th February07:39 to 26:14+MrigashirshaDashami, Ekadashi
22nd February25:44+ to 30:06+MaghaPratipada
24th February09:42 to 26:30+Uttara PhalguniDwitiya
27th February18:28 to 30:03+SwatiPanchami
28th February06:03 to 21:30SwatiPanchami, Shashthi
01st March06:40 to 26:37+AnuradhaSaptami, Ashtami
03rd March10:35 to 29:20+MulaNavami, Dashami
05th March05:57 to 26:10+Uttara AshadhaEkadashi, Dwadashi
09th March21:02 to 29:53+Uttara BhadrapadaPratipada, Dwitiya
10th March05:53 to 29:52+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiDwitiya, Tritiya
11th March05:52 to 10:22RevatiTritiya
18th April22:14 to 29:16+Uttara PhalguniDwadashi, Trayodashi
19th April05:16 to 13:48Uttara PhalguniTrayodashi
20th April14:46 to 28:15+HastaChaturdashi
22nd April07:19 to 29:13+SwatiPurnima, Pratipada
23rd April05:13 to 10:18SwatiPratipada
24th April18:25 to 28:36+AnuradhaTritiya
26th April24:21+ to 29:10+MulaPanchami
27th April05:10 to 19:43MulaPanchami
29th April09:11 to 21:48Uttara AshadhaSaptami


Experience spiritual divinity while committing to each other in holy matrimony with our perfect blend of all religious services for the Indian Wedding Season! 

Auspicious Time for Indian Wedding in 2016

Shubh Muhurat for vivah in 2016 with the dates, times, tithis and nakshatra is all there with us and in case of you already having a Kundli; we provide service of suggesting the shubh vivah date and time to the to-be married Dulha and Dulhan while arranging a Pandit for marriage or vivah as per the Muhurat.