Kashi Yatra

Kashi Yatra Kashi Yatra
Kashi Yatra Kashi Yatra
Kashi Yatra - Confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Kashi Yatra
Kashi Yatra Kashi Yatra

Kashi is a very holy destination and a pilgrimage to Kashi is the dream of every devout Hindu. The city of Varanasi is blessed with the presence of this holy temple. To Hindus, it is one of the most important temples and a yatra to the place is a must. Almost every Hindu visits the place once in a lifetime. Its glory and auspiciousness is boundless.

  • No. of Places to be visited : 4

  • Total Distance : 425 KM

  • Best Season to visit : Oct and April

Kashi Yatra Map


The basic interpretation of the ‘Kashi Yatra’ is, a visit to the holy place and bathe in the holy Ganges. Devotees also have the darshan of Lord Vishwanath and perform holy rites to satisfy the souls of their ancestors. To most South Indians, the yatra starts with a visit to Rameshwaram. The devotees collect sand from there and then lead to the Triveni Sangam in Allahbad. From the confluence of three holy rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati - they collect water and then while returning, the bathe the idol of Lord with that sacred water in Rameshwaram. In this manner, the significance and ways of worshipping differ a little.


    Kasha, the holiest place for Hindus, has also faced many attacks from 1033 to 1669 A.D. Temples were brutally demolished and the Muslims built their Masjids. But the immense faith and courage of the Hindus, helped the beautiful and glorious place to develop. In 1777 A.D., Ahilyabai Holkar built the Kashi Vishweshwar Temple. From 1785 A.D., the development of other temples near Kashi was undertaken by the then King and his son. Thus, the Kashi we see now is owed to many people who have helped.

All Nearby Temples

  • Mahabodhi Temple (Bodhgaya) Gaya
  • Triveni Sangam (Sangam Dip) Allahabad


    • -
    • 0 Hours
    • 0 Hours
    • 0 Hours
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    • Gaya
    Mahabodhi Temple (Bodhgaya)
    Distance Time
    From Gaya: 12.4 KM 00 h 20 min
    From Vishnupad Temple: 10.6 KM 00 h 18 min
    Shortest TripGaya-Mahabodhi Temple-Vishnupad Temple-Gaya Minimum Duration 0 h 46 min Minimum Distance26.1 KM
    Vishnupad Temple
    Distance Time
    From Gaya: 3.2 KM 00 h 08 min
    From Mahabodhi Temple (Bodhgaya): 10.6 KM   00 h 18 min
    • Gaya
    • 3 Hours 33 Min
    • 4 Hours 7 Min
    • 00 Hours 35 Min
    • 271
    • Varanasi
    Kashi Vishwanath Temple
    Distance Time
    From Varanasi: 26.7 KM 0 h 42 min
    Shortest TripVaranasi-Kashi Vishwanath Temple-Varanasi Minimum Duration1 h 16 min Minimum Distance50.7 KM
    • Varanasi
    • 1 Hours 48 Min
    • 3 Hours 7 MIn
    • 0 Hours
    • 126.2
    • allahabad
    Triveni Sangam (Sangam Dip)
    Distance Time
    From Allahabad: 17.8 KM 0 h 26 min
    Shortest TripAllahabad-Triveni Sangam-Allahabad Minimum Duration0 h 52 min Minimum Distance35.7 KM

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