Teen Dham Yatra

Teen Dham Yatra Teen Dham Yatra
Teen Dham Yatra - Kedarnath Teen Dham Yatra - Kedarnath
Teen Dham Yatra - Badrinath Teen Dham Yatra - Badrinath
Teen Dham Yatra - Gangotri Teen Dham Yatra - Gangotri

In the Teen Dham Yatra, three of the four holy destinations of the Char Dham are covered. These include - Kedarnath and Badrinath, Gangotri. Tourists who are seeking for spiritual salvation visit these three set of places. They are pretty popular amongst visitors. Kedarnath is the holiest of Lord Shiva’s shrine in the lap of Himalayas. Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is one of the 108 shrines of divinity and magnificence. The idol of Lord Vishnu is the extinguishing feature.

  • No. of Places to be visited : 3

  • Total Distance : 1154 KM

  • Best Season to visit : Mar and June

Teen Dham Yatra Map


The Hindu religion has imparted lots of significance to yatras. These holy places stand out in our culture where people are filled with utmost devotion and reverence. Yatras to these places have their own importance. Numerous devotees undertake the Teen Dham Yatra every year to free themselves from sins and attain the ultimate state of moksha. Every Hindu is expected to go on this yatra at least once in his lifetime.


    As mentioned in the Skanda Purana, there are numberless shrines on this planet but none of them compare to Badrinath. Also, the Vamana Purana says that the fifth incarnation of Vishnu performed penance here. The Vedic Age also marks the presence and importance of Badrinath. Kedarnath has a mythological story attached to it which refers to the Mahabharata. Goddess Ganga has her residence in Gangotri. The river is well-known for its purity since ages.

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    • dehradun
    Badrinath Temple
    Distance Time
    From Dehradun: 311 KM 5 h 7 min
    From Kedarnath: 230 KM 4 h 37 min
    From Gangotri: 418 KM 9 h 6 min
    Shortest TripDehradun-Badrinath-Kedarnath-Gangotri-Dehradun Minimum Duration23 h 40 min Minimum Distance1154 KM
    Kedarnath Temple
    Distance Time
    From Dehradun: 228 KM 4 h 18 min
    From Badrinath: 230 KM 4 h 37 min
    From Gangotri: 317 KM 7 h 46 min
    Gangotri Temple
    Distance Time
    From Dehradun: 278 KM 5 h 31 min
    From Badrinath: 418 KM 9 h 06 min
    From Kedarnath: 317 KM 7 h 47 min

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