Eco Friendly Ganesh Murtis (Idols)

Celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi with our eco-friendly Ganesh Murti. One of the most widely celebrated festivals in India; Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with as much pomp as devotion. But it is also a time where the environment is at risk. It is contributor to air and more significantly to water pollution. Our eco-friendly idols not only cloak the surrounding with a devout quality but are environmental friendly and significant in protecting mother earth.

We bring you the range of beautiful Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols to choose from. Just a sight of these exquisitely created Idols i.e. Murtis will win your hearts. Skilfully made from bio degradable materials like Shadu Clay i.e. Natural Clay and with the use of organic colors like Geru, turmeric and others, these idols are hand-sculpted by traditional veteran artists and crafted to apt perfection.

With a huge collection of Ganesha idols also known as Ganpati Murtis at, you can now Buy Ganesh Murti online at a click of a mouse. With our impeccable quality and service, you can sit back, relax and be relieved from hassles of shopping in a crowded market.

So what are you waiting for?  Do an Online Ganpati Murti Booking today and be ready to welcome home an Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol this year.

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 with our spiritually divine and explicitly crafted to perfection Eco Ganesha and say “Go Green Ganesha” this year onwards.

Go Green to Save the Blue.

Festivals are not a license to destroy the environment.
Where’s my Pandit cares about you spiritually as well as for environmental safety.
Go Green this year and book an eco-friendly idol with us. It is never too late.

Read the below questions and answers for clearing all your doubts related to Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols:

Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols can be handled in a normal way itself but with a little more care since they are slightly heavier than the PoP idols. Also, one should avoid moistening the idols too.

Eco-Friendly Ganesha Murti is made with Shadu Clay i.e. Natural Mitti since its environment friendly and with the use of organic colors such as Geru, Haldi, etc. The Idols are completely hand-crafted by expert craftsman who are well-experienced and professionals in the field.

The weight of Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols is slightly more as compared to the Plaster of Paris Idols and that’s because they are not hollow like the PoP Murtis and are made completely from Natural Shadu Clay.

They are almost of the same rate as Plaster of Paris Idols but the charges are little high compared to PoP idols and the reason behind that is that Eco-Ganesha Idols are completely hand-crafted and it involves high labor work compared to PoP idols. The organic colors are also made in a natural way increasing that cost too.

We have a widened range of Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols available across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and also we have tried our level best for arranging a wide range of elegant looking & exquisite Ganesha Idols making it available throughout all parts of our city.

I. Visit our website’s page: ganesh-murti
II. Select the area you wish to pick up your Idol from
III. Choose from the range of Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols shown to you
IV. Click on Buy Now
V. Make Payment
VI. Pick up your Eco-Ganesha Idol from the vendor’s center (address mentioned on the product page and will also be emailed to you)

We’re here to completely assist you with this. Just call us on +91-8100009797 and we’ll help you with the entire process or even, do it for you.

The Eco-Friendly Idol you book will have to be picked from the address mentioned on that Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol’s product page. The address will also be sent in an email to you for your future reference.

Yes, on every booking you will be getting Rs. 100 as cash-back in your PayU money wallet as well as you will be getting a coupon code in an email which you can use to avail additional Rs. 100 discount on booking your Ganpati Pujas through us.

We personally take care of the fact that this is not to happen under any circumstances and there will be a professional to handle the Murti carefully at the location from where you will be picking up the idol. Also, there are spare Idols available at the place for last minute glitches. The entire amount also will be refunded to you if at all anything like this happens.

Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are essentially statues made out of natural materials. Material like Paper, Shadu Mati and Multani Mati could be used. They are environmentally safe as they dissolve in water in less than 10 hours and can further be decomposed. The same cannot be said for Plaster of Paris, which stays at the bottom of water bodies and is toxic to the aquatic life. Natural colours could incorporate materials like Haldi, Kumkum, Geru Mati, etc.

In the early stages of the festival, everything right from the material of the idol to the colours used was all natural. This festival was essentially celebrated in one’s home and gained a public status after Lokmanya Tilak’s efforts. It then started getting immensely popular; but like everything has its pros and cons, people started exploring with the concept of the materials, dimensions and decor of the idol. Not to mention the music that soared up to fifty to times more.

Delicious modaks and the pure divineness of the festival are replaced by the horrific sites of broken Ganesh idols strewn uncared for in the dirt.

Initially, Clay was the preferred choice, but the usage of Plaster of Paris increased in popularity because of its lightness and inexpensive nature. Additionally, this material takes months to dissolve. To add to the already existing dangerous after-effects of Plaster of Paris, the materials right from the colours to the ornate decor is harmful to the environment. The chemicals in the colours consist of lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.

I. It is not environment-friendly and contains hazardous materials like Gypsum, Magnesium, Sulphur and Phosphorus.
II. The chemicals in it increase the acidic content of the water.
III. It is harmful to aquatic plants and fishes.
IV. This, in turn, is detrimental to the humans that consume fish that have ingested the lead.
V. Many illnesses are caused as a result of the chemicals used in the colours.
VI. Decorative materials like Thermocol and plastic are non-biodegradable. They clog the water bodies creating a toxic sheet above the plants and also lead to floods.

I. Avoid idols made of Plaster of Paris, Plastic and Cement.
II. Our eco-friendly Ganesha is made of Shadu Clay
III. Use colours that are made out of natural materials like Haldi, Geru Mati and Kumkum.
IV. Try using a small sized idol.
V. Immerse the idol in a bucket or artificial ponds.

The demand of Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols is increasing by the day. People have become more aware of the hazardous effects of Plaster of Paris and are therefore choosing to use idols that are more environment-friendly; right from the material of the statue to the colours used. We have catalogued a list of places in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai from where you could choose to buy from a wide variety of eco-friendly idols.

Ambuja Eco Friendly Idols View

Bal Ganesh Eco Friendly Idols View

Dagdu Sheth Eco Friendly Idols View

Jai Malhar Eco Friendly Idols View

Lalbaugcha Raja Eco Friendly Idols View

Peshwa Ganesh Eco Friendly Idols View

Siddhivinayak Eco Friendly Idols View

Titwala Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols View

Other Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols View


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